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Workshops are special yoga events -

more like a party than a class!


We have green juice shots at the beginning, a little discussion, maybe learn the origin story of a pose, do some yoga flow, and then have some restorative – which is lying around on pillows and bolsters and calling it yoga. Often there’s an after party at a nearby bar or restaurant with discounted food and drink.



I also offer workshops in gearing up for and recovering from the holidays, spring and fall equinox, full moon, summer and winter solstice, starting a new phase of life, caring for yourself, stories of yoga, yoga for arthritis, chair yoga, beginner, kids, restorative, yin, learning the basics, slowly, and anything else that’s requested.


Workshops can be a one night or day event, usually for 90 minutes. They can also be a series of classes—usually for 4 weeks.

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 Organized by Amy! 

Recent Workshops

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Past Workshops



30-minute classes for 2-3yr olds with a parent or caregiver.


There will be dancing, singing, ...and yoga!

Shimmy Shakti

124 Main Ave. W

Suite 201

Twin Falls, ID 83301

Yoga for


We will explore a series of poses to reduce arthritis discomfort. 


This class focuses on a different area of the body each week.

Gemstone Climbing

135 5th Avenue S.

Twin Falls, ID 83301

Shining Stars

Adaptive Yoga

This is a four-week workshop specifically structured for

special needs adults with disabilities and abilities.

Shimmy Shakti

124 Main Ave. W

Suite 201

Twin Falls, ID 83301

Phone: (208) 404 - 9670

Email: amytoftyoga@gmail.com