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Pop-Up Yoga

I’m so excited about pop up yoga! Just like it sounds, a yoga experience could pop up anywhere! A business, an art gallery, a public place, any beautiful space!


Partnering with a business is a great way to get people into your establishment. A store may offer shopping discounts before and after the class. There will be healthy treats, and alcohol is optional.


A restaurant or bar could offer appetizers and then discounts on food and drink.


Showing art, or what you have to offer — cars, service to the community, etc to yogis is a wonderful way to promote what you do.


These are events, not just a yoga class!


$12 drop in, $10 if you sign up ahead.


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This summer I'll be teaching in the Studio G Outdoor Series, the Magic Valley YMCA Family Bedtime Series, and other pop-up outdoor locations. Please check the weekly schedule.

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